Artin Brand (Koster Ind Textile) Holland .

Koster Industrial Textiles Holland, as a producer of textile lifting and lashing equipment, supplies a wide variety of dimensions, types and capacities lifting belts, lashings and slings from stock. In our own workshop all types of lifting tires, lashings and slings are produced. Koster produce standard versions, but of course also systems based on customer specification. Lashings are composed and made up of band tissue and specific metal parts. Different bandwidths are available for different capacities. For a wide application and appropriate use, the lashing systems can be fitted with a wide variety of fittings. Accessories Lashing Systems: Koster I.T. in addition to the standard versions, can supply all lashing systems with accessories you want. You will find an overview of the most common components, which are available for bandwidths 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. The S-hook and sliding buckle are coated with a black plastic coating. All other materials are chratized. Various metal parts for lashings are also available in stainless steel.


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