HandTools German, England, Taiwan & Japanese Tools.

Bollmann Germeny: Grip Pliers, Welders Pliers, Automotive Tools.
Arndt Germany:

LN keys, Hex keys, Hex keys sets, Torx bit and sockets.

Masus Germany:

Letter AtoZ Punches, Stencils, Numbers 1-10 punches Stencils.

Feldhoff Germany:

Soldering Iron.

Pedo Germany:

Chisel, Punches, Tap wrench, Tap wrench ratchet, Taps, Dies.

Garrisure Taiwan:

Automotive engine Tools and Assorted consumable.

Elephant Japan:

World No 1 Shovel All typed for All reason.

Footprint England:

Black smith and Carpenter Tools such as Chisel, Punches, Knives, Wood working Plane, Black wrench, Right angles.

Germany DJTA:

Chisels, Punches, Tap wrenches, LN Keys Tools for black smith, Masonry works and Carpentry works.

Champion Japan:

Screw drivers, Screw driver bits, Tester, Slotted, Philips, and Posidrive Champion in screw driving field.

Klik Lichten Taiwan:

Scaffolding wrench, Black single end Spanners, Ring spanners, Hammering Spanners, Spud wrench, Tail wrench, Long wrench and many more. Juco Polland: Chisels, Hammers.

Spot Japan:

Packing strapping Machine.

Toyo Japan:

World leader in Glass cutter pen typed, Circular Glass cutters Pliers.

Smipo Taiwan:

Electrician screw drivers and workshops screw drivers.

Sturem Germany:

Gasket maker, Gasket circular cutter single and double Blades.

Kurt Haufe Germany:

Welders Welding Electrode Holders, Electric Earth clamps.

Pascal France:

Car body denting file and Frames.

Halbauer Germany:

Grease Gun, Lever Grease Gun, Pressure Grease Gun.


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