Spear & Jackson, Eclipse and Eclipse Magnetics.

Over the years, Spear & Jackson’s (Eclipse) products have become widely recognised for their heritage and high quality. The Group has expanded through acquisitions and we have also reduced costs by relocating selected manufacturing operations to Asia. We have three principal divisions engaged in a range of business operations: Tools , Precision measurement , Magnetic technologies We have extended our operations into other territories and now have manufacturing sites, distribution centres and sales offices in key locations around the world. We have , Eclipse HSS bimetal , Flexible, All Hard, Plus 30 Power Saw Blades, Hacksaw Blades, Hacksaw Frames, Professional Hacksaw Frames and Blades, Low Allow Steel Blades, HSS Junior Saws, Junior frame, Junior Blades, HSS Pad saw, General Purpose Saws, Coping Saw, Piercing Saw, Fret Saw, Fret Saw blades, HSS Bi Metal Holesaws, Variable Pitch HSS Holesaws, Constant Pitch Holesaws, Holesaws in kits, Holesaws Sets, Arbor For Holesaws, Pilot Drill bits for Holesaw Arbors, Bolt Cutters with High Tensile Tubular handles, Bolt Cutter with High Tensile Forged Handle, End cut bolt cutter, Heavy Duty Cable Cutter, Wire and Rope Cutter, General Purpose Snips, Tin men snips, General Purpose Snips with Spring Action, Jewelers Snips, Aviation Snips, Right cutting Aviation Snips, Left Cutting Aviation Snips, Long Cut Snips, Wide Cut Snips, Curves Cut Snips, Cold Chisels, Flat Chisels, Pointed Chisels, Cross Cut Chisels, Plugging Chisels, Brick Bolster Chisels, Floorboard Chisels, Wrecking Bars, Rippa Bars and sets, Crow Bars, Wood Working Chisels, Wood Working Chisels Sets, Locking Jaw Pliers, Grip Pliers, C Clamp Grip Pliers, Grip Pliers C Clamps with Swivel Pads, Long Nose Locking Pliers with Side Cutting , Sheet Metal Grip pliers, Locking Chain clamp Pliers, Welding Grip Pliers, Vice, Machine Vice, Work Holding Solution, Bench vice, Mechanical vice, Bench vice with Swivel Base, Wood Working Vice, Quick Release Wood Working Vice, C Clamps, G Clamps, Standard Duty C Clamps, Heavy Duty C Clamps, One Hand Bar Clamps and Spreaders, Sash Clamps, Clamps Head, T-Bar Clamps, Wrench and Pipe vice, Pipe wrenches, Leader Pattern Pipe Wrench, Stillson Pattern Pipe Wrenches, Swedish Pattern Pipe Wrenches, Chain Wrenches, Hinged Pipe Vices, Pipe Cutters, Tube Cutters, Tube Benders, Plastic Pipe cutters, Adjustable Screw Spanner Wrenches, Insulated Adjustable Wrenches, Riveters, Lazy Tong Riveters, Long Arm Riveters, Heavy Duty Long Nose Riveters, Heavy Duty standard Nose Riveters, Easy Grip Riveters, General Riveters, Threaded Insert Setting Tools and Kits, Deburring Tool and Blades, Torque Wrenches, Torque Wrenches Multipliers, Torque SD, Centre Punches, Parallel Punches, Nail Punches, Nail and Pin Drivers, Automatic Centre Punches, Engineers Scrapers, Erector Scrapers, Bearing Scrapers, Pin Chucks, Pin vices, Scribers, Engineers Scribers, Handy Scribers, Pocket Scribers, TCT Pocket Scribers, Jewellers Screw Drivers, H5 White Tools, Lathe Tools, Square Tool Bits, Round Tool Bits, Boring Bars, Internal Tool Bits, External Tool Bits, Cut off Blades, Lathe Cut off Blades, Tool Bit Holder, Cut off Blades Holders, Tool Bit Sets, Trammel Heads, Chuck type Tap Wrenches, Tool Makers Clamps, Utility Knives, Knives Blades, Measuring Taps, Wood Cutting Hand Saws, Heavy Duty ultra Sharp Handsaws. Eclipse Magnetics, We have huge stock of Domestic, Workshops, Industrial, Petrol and Oil Companies, Science laboratories, Government Department, School, Colleges, Education Centre, Ships, offshore, Onshore and many more , Such as are Permanent magnet, Cylindrical Bar Magnets, Rectangular Bar Magnets, Minor Magnets, Button Magnets, Pocket Magnets, Power Magnets, Major Magnets, Tiny Button Magnets, Pot Magnets, Ring Magnets, Disc Magnets Shallow Pot Magnets, Deep Pot Magnets, Hook Magnets, Channel Magnets, Electro Magnets, Recovery Magnets, Magnetic Tool Rack, Arakan General Trading Co LLC. Dubai United Arab Emirates is Sole Distributor, Importer, Exporter, Stockiest, Whole Sale, Retail sale of This Brand and Registered Locally, Beware in UAE Few Satan Traders are using This name with Chinese Garbage Products. This Brand is Internationally well-known for Quality and Brand Is Registered world wide. Legal action can be taken if found counterfeit product.




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